News Bulletin:

Jan, 2013:
Cellport's Next Contribution to Automotive Connectivity - CAVA


Welcome to Cellport Systems

"With CAVA, Cellport is working to reduce driver distraction by using much of the same technology capability that had the unintended consequence of creating distraction." -Ray Sokola

We are technology pioneers whose visions and highly consequential innovations make it possible for wireless phones to freely exchange information with other devices in automobile, home, office, and mobile-to-mobile environments. Since our founding in 1993, we have remained devoted to universal wireless connectivity. We strive to create cutting-edge architectures and technologies that enable dissimilar devices and systems to effectively communicate.

Cellport employs a unique business model and philosophy focused on fostering innovation. As an inventive research lab, we are self-supported by openly licensing our innovations worldwide. Committed to staying five or more years ahead of the market, we are explorers of the “art-of-the-possible” on the frontiers of technology. And as inventors who strive for core innovations that broadly benefit society, we believe in the ethical open licensing of our vital and vibrant technologies.

In our quest for universal connectivity, we’ve opened — and continue to open — a whole new world of information dissemination possibilities.